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Letting go of constraints, being free, being naked, was the basic idea of the naturism movement at the end of the 19th century.

Nowadays being nude has become a normal sight at most beaches long since. Those who connect being naked with naturalness instead of voyeurism and exhibitionism, those who don´t want to show off but enjoy their own body freely in the sun and air, those who want to move about without clothes alone or with their families also outside their own home will sooner or later join naturism.

„Here, everyone is accepted the way s/he is“, is the experience of naturism lovers. „ Prosperity and status symbols are not important. There is also no „dictate of beauty“; for beautiful is what is natural.“ 

More than 8 million lovers of naturism are said to be living in Germany, with a growing tendency, also internationally. The naturist associations show sinking memberships but this is rather a sign of the people being tired of associations in general. The typical nature pure lover nowadays wants to spend the most beautiful weeks of the year the way mother nature made him or her – i.e. vacation pure.

To quote Oscar Wilde: “If God intended people to be naked, they would be born that way.“

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